How to influence giants within your industry and grow your community?

My interview with Steve Sims taught me a lot about influence, so therefore I wanted to share some ideas on how to increase your influence and work with the best on the planet like Jay Abraham or Steve Sims.

Being proactive

Coming as a solution for a problem

In my case, for example, I deeply believe that I can increase Jay Abrahams sales when it comes to Abraham University. His problem, maybe he is even not aware of it, is that he doesn’t leverage his own LinkedIn account 100% and I’m pretty sure that he is missing sales when it comes to his LinkedIn account.

I would love to help him and do the following things in order to increase his sales with his LinkedIn account:

  • I’d take his YouTube videos.
  • I’d create video snippets that are branded with his logo.
  • I’d create a social media plan for the next three months and promote in each snippet the Abraham University.

The same is by the way true for his Instagram account! Here, he is missing sales also on his Instagram in my opinion!

So, if you deliver value and present yourself as somebody who is giving a solution for a specific problem or struggle, then you can really leverage the big players within your industry. I really hope that Jay is going to read this because I would love to help him with this issue!

How Steve and Jay Abraham met — A story of being humble

Creating marketing material

Becoming an affiliate and selling their products

Introducing them to your community and potentially new buyers

“50% of my podcast listeners are from the US and they are interested in entrepreneurial topics and starting their own business. So, listening to you would also mean promoting Entrepreneur magazine. Would you be interested in a podcast interview?”

And we made this interview! This is a good illustration that building your own community will help you to leverage your influence and be more interesting for top players within your industry. Because a new community means basically also potential new clients for him. Always have this in mind and leverage this!

Adding value and sharing insights

Giving back

You can find more information about Jay Abraham here:

You can find more about Steve Sims here:

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