How to raise sons in a positive way?

I have two sons and I like to ask other entrepreneurs how they raise their sons so that I become a better dad. I asked entrepreneurs worldwide what they do to raise their own sons.

Boys want to be taken seriously, to be allowed to discover the world with curiosity

Focus mainly on your family and secondly on your business

Always influence indirectly with the “cool uncle” syndrome

Create an environment where they tell always the truth and be honest

Have fun and be a kid again when you raise your son

Kids cannot course-correct their emotions; adults have to be the ones to take the emotional lead.

Love him unconditionally and be in the moment. There is no time to waste. There are only memories to earn.

Approach most things as conversations with your son

Kids don’t want more, they just want us more… in the house

We are emotional beings. All emotions are part of it.

Build an alliance with your wife and decide together on topics



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