Your story matters — no matter what! Ways to build a strong personal brand!

Brian Bogert has spent more than a decade learning the connections between human behavior and high performance and has coached hundreds of professionals in industries from business to athletics to reach their peak potential. I had the chance to interview him in my podcast and get some insights into his inspiring thoughts and concepts!

  • What are the stories in your life that you went through? The struggle moments in your life? These are the key learnings in our life. Write them all down and bring them to paper!
  • Once you have a list of stories. Look at the events! How did I grow through the event? What changed through this event in my life?
  • Become intentionally and structure the story that people get teaching lessons
  • Have a 2–3-sentence version of your story that you mention your life story in a nutshell
  • 3-minute version of your story for an f.e. a podcast interview
  • Keynote: Longer form. Brian is telling his own story in 3rd person. It makes it more reliable for people and takes a stronger connection in the reveal moment!



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